French built Dassault Falcon 900X Business Jet Aircraft arriving at Inverness Dalcross Airport. Highland Region Scotland. UK.

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David Gowans / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: J0M0M8
Falcon 900LX Variant of EX fitted with Blended Winglets designed by Aviation Partners Inc.. Improved range of 4,750 nmiThe Falcon 900 is a development of the Falcon 50, itself a development of the earlier Falcon 20. The Falcon 900 design incorporates composite materials. Improved models include the Falcon 900-B, featuring improved engines and increased range, and the Falcon 900EX featuring further improvements in engines and range and an all-glass flight deck. The Falcon 900C is a lower-cost companion to the Falcon 900EX and replaces the Falcon 900B. Later versions are the Falcon 900EX EASy and the Falcon 900DX. At EBACE 2008, Dassault announced another development of the 900 series; the Falcon 900LX incorporating High Mach Blended Winglets designed by Aviation Partners Inc. The same winglets are certified for the entire Falcon 900 series as a retrofit kit.
Location: Inverness Dalcross Airport, Highland Region Scotland. UK.