Free to roam

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Free to roam
Cultura RM / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: BETHM9
adventuresome, adventuring, appreciating, beauty, bliss, cheerful, child, children, color, colour, daylight, daytime, delight, delighted, enjoyment, exterior, female, free, gaiety, gal, genesis, glad, gleeful, gratifying, human, human being, inception, jolly, joy, juvenile, kid, laughter, liberation, liberty, light hearted, lighthearted, lively, merry, minor, mischievious, mischievous, naive, natural, one, origin, outdoor, outside, person, plant, pleasing, pleasure, power, rejoicing, relishing, rural, satisfaction, smile, sunlight, sunshine, three-quarter length, trusting, unconcerned, unworldly, vegetation, whimsical, young, youngster, youth,
Location: Glen Etive, Scotland