Former Austrian-Hungarian embassy (Devizija, circa 1896) in Cetinje, Montenegro

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Ivan Marchuk / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: FK2E1P
At the former edifice of Austrian-Hungarian embassy today is found the Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments. This monumental edifice, built according to the design of architect Josip Slade from 1897 to 1899 it was the embassy until World War I. With diplomatic habits, in a small country in the Balkans, religious habits were transferred too, so for its needs and for the needs of other worshipers the embassy built on the northern side Roman Catholic chapel in neo-Norman style. Facade of the chapel ends with the attic with figures of Our Lady and two angels.The entire luxury of harmonic unison completes the garden with a tennis court. The park is enclosed with a stone fence and iron fence.Throughout history, the edifice changed its purpose on several occasions. During Austrian Hungarian occupation, it housed administration, and between world wars the command of Division of Zeta, so it is referred to among people as Division as well.
Location: Cetinje, Montenegro