Footprint cast of Foolish Woman, the Mandan delegate to 1930 Indian Sign Language Conference at Browning. DETAILS IN DESC.

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Image ID: F0WAEW
Casts outside the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning, Montana. A nearby plaque reads: 'INDIAN SIGN LANGUAGE CONFERENCE / September 4-6 1930 / at Browning, Montana / These footprints were made by participants in the Indian Sign Language Conference which was convened at the direction of the United States / Department of the Interior for the purpose of recording on film the ancient gesture language employed by Indian peoples of the plains as a means of / inter-tribal communication. The conference was attended by representatives of Indian tribes from Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Alberta. As they / demonstrated the use of the common gesture language by telling each other stories of the old buffalo days, a moving picture of their silent conversa- / tion was made for deposit and preservation in the national archives. At the close of this historic conference members and guests left casts of / their footprints as a further record of the important event.'
Location: Browning, Montana, USA