Fish Heads, Central Market, Shunde, Foshan, GuangDong, China.

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Fish Heads, Central Market, Shunde, Foshan, GuangDong, China.
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Image ID: A17M7R
Shunde locates in the hinterland of Pearl River Delta is close to Guangzhou Shengzhen and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao it s total area is 806 square kilometers and its registered population is up to 1 095 000 with floating population of 700 000 as well as more than 400 000 overseas Chinese and the people residing in Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan With the situation that the process of global economy integration is quickening international float of capital technology management and professionals is more and more frequent Shunde catches the new opportunity that China s joined in the WTO actively relying on the advantage of taking the lead in developing having quickened the development of export oriented economy In 2003 the agreement on utilizing 362 million US dollars foreign capitals utilized 355 million US dollars actually there are 11 World 500 top enterprises which have made an investment and have already set up their factories in Shunde Foreign trade is developed powerfully the total volume of imports and exports was 8 457 million dollars in the year including US 5 349 billion of total volume of export trade and US 3 107 billion import trade By now there are more than 1300 foreign investment enterprises including Whirlpool Corporation AMP Japanese Toshiba Sanyo Panasonic Nissin Otsuka Yuasa Paloma Canada Nortel Philippine San Miguel etc more than 40 international famous corporations or trans corporations in Shunde Shunde is becoming the first place that the foreign capitals enter into South China progressively
Location: China