Fira & Firo, Moros y Cristianos Fiesta , Soller, Mallorca

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Elly Godfroy / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: BM5GFR
Soller’s ‘Moros y Cristianos’ Every year, during the second weekend of May, the inhabitants of Soller prepare their muskets, bring out the black shoe polish, and engage in fearsome battles to commemorate one of the town’s greatest historical triumphs. In 1561, the town was invaded by pillaging pirates from North Africa who were set on stealing riches and selling the folk of Soller into slavery. This event is celebrated these days during the annual Soller ‘Fira & Firo’ which honours the victory of the town’s people, (the Christian Sollerics) over the invading Algerian Moors (the Saracens).
Location: Soller, Mallorca, Spain