Fifty-euro notes shaped into a house and an auction hammer

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Fifty-euro notes shaped into a house and an auction hammer
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Image ID: B5FKEN
19.02.2007, Hamburg, Germany - Fifty-euro notes shaped into a house and an auction hammer. (fifty-euro notes, euro, currency, Europe, European currency, European, money, finances, financial, financing, amount of money, income, earning, save, saving, savings, economy, investment, investing, invest, cost, costs, fifty euro, fifty-euro bills, euro notes, euro bills, house, fold, folded, orange, yellow, model, small, symbol, symbolic, symbolical, economics, banknotes, bank notes, cash, Euro, EU, European Union, capital, ECU, European Currency Unit, 50, fifty, moneysaving, price, inexpensive, low priced, expensive, debt, debts, taxes, studio shot, building industry, construction industry, building regulations, one family house, single family house, family house, home, family home, real estates, immovable, immovables, building permission, building permit, bureaucracy, dream, dream house, affordable dream, imagining, imagine, selling, sell, sale, insolvent, insolvency, debit, credit, loan, indebtedness, indebted, debtor, creditor, buying, buy, rent, renting, auction, auction hammer, hammer, under the hammer, tool, compulsory auction, auction sale, selling by auction, sell by auction, put up for auction, demolition, damage, damaging, forced sale, danger, threat, threatening, ECB, European Central Bank, vertical) 00W070219D005CAROEX.JPG
Location: Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany