Fall of the Berlin Wall

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Fall of the Berlin Wall
Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: B205XA
11.11.1989, Berlin, Germany - Fall of the Berlin Wall. (Germany, German, Europe, European, Berlin, Berlin Wall, wall, concrete, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, east, west, division, divided, united, unification, fall, 1989, Iron Curtain, East Germany, GDR, German Democratic Republic, West Germany, past, socialism, socialist, communism, communist, communistic, history, historical, historic, symbol, symbolic, landmark, contemporary history, modern history, divide, border, former, city, urban, cityscape, Cold War, barricade, reunification, German unity, people, humans, crowds, crowded, masses, lots, many, gathered, climb, climbing, freedom, free, freed, oppression, celebrating, celebration, Brandenburg Gate, Brandenburger Tor, gate, architecture, architectural, horizontal) 00K003714CAROEX.JPG
Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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