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Europe Bosnia and Erzegovina Medjugorje religious articles The reported visions at Medjugorje began on June 24, 1981. At about 6pm on that day, near the area now called Apparition Hill, six Croatian children saw a beautiful young woman with a child in her arms. She was silent, but gestured for them to come closer. The children were afraid and did not do so. The following day, four of the same children and two different ones returned to the hill in hopes of seeing the lady again. There was a sudden flash of light, and the lady appeared again, this time without the child. The children kneeled and prayed the rosary, and the lady prayed with them except for the Hail Mary. On the third day, the vision identified herself as the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the fifth day, a large crowd gathered for the apparition but only the children saw it. On the sixth day, a miraculous healing occurred. On the seventh day, the Virgin appeared to the children away from the original apparition site. The messages of the Queen of Peace, as the apparition became known, usually center on such themes as peace, the importance of belief, and the efficacy of fasting. Each of the visionaries has also reported that the Virgin has disclosed either 9 or 10 "secrets" to them. The three visionaries who have received all 10 secrets no longer receive daily visions, but annual visions on their birthday, anniversary of the visions, or Christmas, respectively.
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