English Cheeses in group sepia photograph on warm toned mottled background. Horizontal Format, studio tabletop. Classic Image.

- Image ID: AFDE5W
Laperruque / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: AFDE5W
Group of English Cheeses in sepia, black and white photograph on warm toned mottled background. Horizontal Format, studio tabletop photo. Classic lighting, simple props, very clean, minimalist, simplicity, approach. Some of the cheeses include; Double Gloucester, Stilton , onions and chives, Abbeydale, cow, mik, cheddar, cheese, sharp, tangy, Cheshire, Derby, , Sage, Cheddar w/Ruby Port, wedges, wheels, shredded. Good negative space for copy. Some props include; bread, fruit, pickles, Stilton The King of English Cheeses. Discovered in the early 18th century, when the owner of the Bell Inn in the town of Stilton in Leicestershire, England, tried a Blue cheese made by Elizabeth Scarbrow while visiting a small farm she worked on nearby. The Bell Inn soon had exclusive marketing rights and wagons full of Stilton cheese were regularly delivered to the Inn. It is essentially a cheddar-like cheese. Stilton has an extraordinary flavor that is full, rich and creamy, and carefully aged to create its distinctive blue veins. Today, Stilton is England's only name protected cheese, and considered one of the world's greatest cheeses.Characteristics Cow's milk, crumbly, smooth and dense, dark ivory with dark blue veining, natural crusty brown inedible rind.
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