Eddystone Rocks & Smeaton's Lighthouse 1759-1877

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Eddystone Rocks & Smeaton's Lighthouse 1759-1877
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Image ID: FG8A9D
Engraving published 1885. Info from Wiki: Smeaton's Tower is the third and most notable Eddystone Lighthouse. It marked a major step forward in lighthouse design. In use from 1759 to 1877, it was largely dismantled and rebuilt on Plymouth Hoe in Plymouth, Devon, where it now stands as a memorial to its designer, John Smeaton, a celebrated civil engineer. He rediscovered the use of "hydraulic lime," a form of concrete used in Roman times. The technique allowed concrete to set under water, as Smeaton put granite blocks together using dovetail joints and marble dowels. The foundation and stub of the old tower remain on Eddystone Rocks, close to the current lighthouse.[3] Since the foundation proved too strong to be dismantled, Victorians left it where it stood.
Location: Eddystone Rocks, England

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