distant view of Piriapolis City and beach. Maldonado, Uruguay, south America

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Image ID: C1FD5H
City of Piriapolis. Piriápolis is a coastal city located in Maldonado, Uruguay, at one hour drive east of the national capital, Montevideo. It is a summer resort in the country, predating the larger and more popular resort town of Punta del Este. Because of its resort status, it has a relatively small permanent population. The city is centered around the Rambla de los Argentinos, a waterfront promenade. With a tourism-centered economy, Piriápolis has opulent hotels, large casinos, an active nightlife scene, and public parks. The Templo de San Antonio, situated atop one of the hills surrounding the city, can be reached by chair lift and offers a panoramic view of the coast. For more adventurous travelers, Uruguay's third-highest point, the Cerro Pan de Azúcar, can be found 10 km outside of town. The peak presents a challenging climb as well as a nature reserve. Boat tours and saltwater fishing are available at the Piriápolis port. The Castle of Piria, near Piriápolis, is open to the public. The poet Julio Herrera y Reissig resided at the Castle for a period.
Location: Piriapolis City. Maldonado, Uruguay