Dhow building at Mandavi Port in Gujarat India

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Dhow building at Mandavi Port in Gujarat India
NORMA JOSEPH / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: A6JW5P
Mandvi or Mandavi Port was developed by Maharao Shree Khengarji-I in 1580 A.D. Today on the coastline of Gujarat, there are about 38 ports. Mandavi (or Mandvi) is one of these. Although it is not very active as a trading port now it has a thriving wooden boat and shipbuilding industry and fishing fleet . Gujarat was known for navigation from ancient times and had established trade links with ancient countries like Sumer, Phoenicia, Rome, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, East Africa, SriLanka, Brahmadesh, Malaya, Java, Sumatra, China etc. Historical information shows that ships from over 80 different ports from various countries traded with Mandavi port.
Location: Mandavi ,Mandvi,Kutch,Gujarat,India, Asia