Cricket bat and ball tied to an Indian's hand on popular Indian festival raksha bandhan

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Cricket bat and ball tied to an Indian's hand on popular Indian festival raksha bandhan
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Image ID: B2WKRT
‘Raksha Bandhan’- or ‘the bond of protection’ is a Hindu festival in India celebrating the relationship between brothers and sisters where sisters tie a ‘Rakhi’ or ‘holy thread of love’ on the wrist of their brothers. When the Rakhi is tied, it means that the sister asks her brother for his protection and love. The brother accepts the Rakhi, confirms his love and affection for his sister and gives her gifts and money. He is now responsible for her protection and promises to always be there when she is in need. This loving gesture goes a long way in strengthening brother sister relationship and building stronger family ties. This festival epitomizes the unconditional love between brothers and sisters. The preparations start at least a fortnight before the festival. Sisters cook various dishes and sweets for their beloved brothers and thus shower their love on them. Being a family event, the tying of Rakhi is followed by a family feast. This makes the day a sweet remembrance for many years to come. As Cricket is the favourite sport in India which is played by both children and adults in families, it is considered something special if a cricket loving Indian citizen is gifted something related to Cricket. Hence sisters know that they can please their brothers by tying a Rakhi which has a design showing something about Cricket as they know that all boys in India love Cricket and will spend hours watching an entire cricket match on television.
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