Cream-coloured courser

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Cream-coloured courser Stock Photo
Cream-coloured courser
Marios Philippou / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: GPR3T5
I present you the Cream-coloured Courser as it is one of the birds that comes in Cyprus. Its scientific name is Cursorius cursor and its Greek name is Ammodromos. It is a medium sized bird and its height is about 22-24 cm with a wingspan of 51-57 cm. It is a rare visitor to Cyprus during the period of migration and can be found in flat, sandy areas. Its main characteristic is that it is running continually. It is an elegant bird with creamy - beige plumage and white belly. Furthermore, the back of its head has a light blue - gray triangle with black and white outline! It feeds with insects including beetles, grasshoppers, ants, flies, molluscs and seeds.
Location: Akrotiri, Limassol, Cyprus