Cranae island in Gytheio town, Mani region, Lakonia, Peloponnese, Greece

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Hercules Milas / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: C04X3F
One of the most beautiful "corners" of Gytheio is a tiny islet called "Cranae" ("Κραναή"), to the south of the town, nowadays connected with it through a small pier. According to a legend, it is the place where Helen and Paris, passed a night after they left Sparta and before going to Troy. It is said that Paris forgot his helmet there and that's where the name of the islet came from ("helmet" in greek "κράνος"="cranos") On the islet you can see a small chapel of Saint Peter, a beautiful octagonal lighthouse with a height of 22 m constructed in 1873 and the imposing "Tzanetakis Tower", constructed in the years of the Ottoman Empire, nowadays "hosting" the Ethnological Museum of Mani.
Location: Cranae island, Gytheio town, Lakonia prefecture, Peloponnese, Greece, Europe

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