Cox`s Stack jute mill chimney was the 1800`s "Camperdown Works " is a listed building and located at Lochee in Dundee, UK

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Image ID: E57RFC
The area was home to many Irish immigrants who started to arrive in Dundee, and Lochee in particular, around 1825. Many immigrants were attracted to the area by the prospect of employment in the city's jute mills. James Cox [JUTE BARON]. After a change of name and with a reputation for quality linen, the Cox family eventually set up as linen merchants in 1700. By 1760 the firm had 300 weavers and after using steam power and moving into the jute industry the family built The Camperdown Works in 1864, said to be the largest factory in the world, with over 5,000 employees. Cox’s Stack, the 86 m (282 ft) high campanile-style factory chimney designed by local architect James MacLaren, survives. Lochee became a company town
Location: Lochee, Dundee, Angus, Tayside, Scotland, United Kingdom