Cordillera Real: Laguna Glacial Trek: Glaciar at 5100m.

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Aivar Mikko / Alamy Stock Photo
Cordillera Real is a mountain range in the South American Altiplano of Bolivia. Cordillera Real is a granite range of fold mountains east of the Bolivian capital of La Paz, measuring 125 km in length and 20 km in width. There are six summits higher than 6, 000 m in the cordillera which are from north to south: Pico del Norte (6070 m), Illampú (6368 m), Ancohuma (6427 m), Chachacomani (6074 m), Huayna Potosi (6088 m), Illimani (6438 m). Cordillera Real looking North, Illimani in foreground, Huayna Potosí upper left, Mururata to the right Other notable peaks include: Mururata (5871 m), Pequeno Alpamayo, Condoriri (including Cabeza de Condor)
Location: Bolivia: Cordillera Real: Laguna Glacial Trek