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Concorde arriving at Heathrow Airport, London, from New York. The BA concorde will fly its last scheduled flight on Friday 24 October. * 19/10/03: The final passenger flights of Concorde take place this week with British Airways retiring the supersonic aircraft after 27 years of commercial service. A series of 90-minute celebratory round-Britain flights, together with sold-out transatlantic commercial services, will mark Concorde s final days as a passenger plane. The last flight will see the supersonic aircraft - packed with invited guests - touch down in front of watching crowds at Heathrow Airport on Friday afternoon having taken off that morning from New York. *23/10/03: British Airways was operating its last Concorde fare-paying passenger flight ahead of the final series of guest-only flights tomorrow. The last paying-customer service, with a full complement of 100 on board, was leaving at 6.30pm today from Heathrow Airport bound for New York. Earlier today, competition winners were on two special Concorde flights which will go round the Bay of Biscay. The first was taking off from Heathrow and land at Cardiff Airport, with the second taking off from Cardiff and returning to Heathrow.
Location: London UK