Collapsed scaffolding all bent and twisted laying at an angle where the wind has blown it away from the building it covered.

- Image ID: FW25WW
Christopher May / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: FW25WW
A massive scaffolding structure in a busy shopping precinct that has been ripped off a large building having a third floor extension built with a new roof which was covered in plastic to protect the workers inside which has been blown over and come to rest in the middle of the walkway between shops. The severe wind tore the anchors out of the building wall as the wind caught the plastic sheeting and the inside of the structure then acted a a parachute in the wind. The clear up is well underway with many workers and a lifting device (cherry picker) being used to dismantle all the tangled steel pipes and fitting of the scaffolding.
Location: Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, England