Coins left on Medicine Rock at the Museum of the Plains Indians, Browning, Montana. SEE DESCRIPTION FOR DETAILS.

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Image ID: F0WATP
The plaque beneath the rock reads: 'MEDICINE ROCK / This rock was originally located in the valley of the Marias / River seven miles west of old Fort Conrad. Long ago a Blackfeet / raiding party is said to have stopped here and thoughtlessly rolled / the stone downhill. For thus offending the spiritual powers, only two members of the party are believed to have returned alive. / Thereafter the Indians, to propitiate the unseen spirits, / left red paint, beads, tobacco, eagle feathers and other gifts / beside the rock. For many years it was a landmark on the / narrow ridge trail. / The medicine rock was preserved for the Blackfeet people / by the family of Mike Connelly, who homesteaded the land in 1888 / and retained it until 1952. The stone was moved to its present / location through the generous cooperation of the Blackfeet / Tribal Council and the Brian Connelly family.'
Location: Browning, Montana, USA