Children at Wynn's School, Penn, near Wolverhampton, c 1899. Historic photograph of a group sitting outside their school

- Image ID: CE9WDN
Image ID: CE9WDN
Wynn's School, Penn, near Wolverhampton, c 1899. The Penn Wynn School was founded in 1714 with the funds from a trust set up by the family of the Reverend Charles Penn who was Vicar of Penn from 1646 to 1669. The school was to educate the children of the village and provide them with bibles and was situated near the top of Springhill Lane, close to the present Wynn Crescent. In 1871 the school and its 100 pupils was moved closer to St Bartholomew’s Church. It was later known as the Penn Wynn School and now as St Bartolomew’s Church of England School.
Location: Penn, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom