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Image ID: CT3MDT
The parietal lobe of the brain. The parietal lobe of the brain includes the somatosensory cortex : primary somatosensory cortex (anteriorly) and somatosensory association cortex (or posterior parietal cortex parietal, posteriorly). The somatosensory cortex collects the messages coming from the sensorial receptors of the somesthesia : (sense of touch, proprioception, nociception and temperature) and plays a fundamental role in voluntarily movement, by evaluating the context in which it will be performed. See. images 0742907 for the somatosensory association cortex alone, 0743007 for the primary somatosensory cortex alone, 0744207 for the primary and association somatosensory cortex. See. images 0742407 for the four lobes, 0743707 : frontal lobe, 0743907 : occipital lobe and 0744307 : temporal lobe.