Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design B W exterior architecture Central London, Holborn, WC1, Great Britain, UK, EU

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Image ID: B154E4
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design also called Central Saint Martins, Saint Martins or CSM at first was founded in 1854 – Today belongs to leading European University of the Arts in London - one of the largest centers for art and design education in the whole of Europe formed in 1989, has historical values in structure detail, details design and it has five affiliate Colleges, where CSM College is one of them. CSM College plays an important role in supporting and developing creativity across industries worldwide. This college offers professional diplomas and certificates in the field of art and design. located in Southampton Row, WC1B 4AP, Holborn district Central London Borough of Camden, area also known as the West End, country England, Great Britain, UK, Europe, EU
Location: Southampton Row, WC1B 4AP, Central London, City of Westminster, Great Britain, UK, Europe, EU