Carlisle Old Town Hall Clock,City Centre,Cumbria,England,UK

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Image ID: EY3KPA
Old Town Hall History and Information A prominent two storey Grade I Listed Building of Medieval origin, the Old Town Hall mostly dates from the 17th and 18th centuries. 1345 is the earliest reference to the predecessor of the building, variously termed the ‘Toll booth’, 'Common Hall’ and ‘Motehall’ or ‘Moot Hall’ in later medieval sources. In 1668 the medieval hall was demolished to make way for a new one on the same site. It is this building, finished in 1669, with numerous subsequent alterations and extensions which survives today. Over the years, the ground floor of the building has consistently remained in commercial and retail use whilst the grander public rooms at first floor level have accommodated a number of important civic functions including, most notably the Courts of Assize until 1881, the City’s Magistrates Court until 1941, and Council Chamber and offices of the City of Carlisle Corporation until 1964. The first floor accommodates the Tourist Information Centre and Assembly Room.
Location: Old Town Hall, Green Market,Carlisle, England, UK, CA3 8JE