Carex pilulifera - Carex ericetorum

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Image ID: CX95K6
Carex pilulifera - Carex ericetorum - old Names, Family Cyperaceae, 1. Carex pilulifera L., 2. Carex ericetorum Pollich, 1. Carex pilulifera, Synonyms, Carex oederi Retz., Carex pilulifera, is a European species of sedge found in acid heaths, woods and grassland from Macaronesia to Scandinavia., Carex, Caricology, genus of over 1500 species of grassy plants in the family Cyperaceae, commonly known as sedges., 2. Carex ericetorum, is a perennial species of plants in the family Cyperaceae native to Eurasia and growing on sandy soils in pine forests.
Location: Germany