Calvary with the Hebrew Inscription, Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

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Mary C Legg / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID : B1JRX9
The most notorious crucifix in Europe with the Hebrew inscription of Kadosh kadosh kadosh with two darkened figures on either side of it The crucifix originated from Dresden from a Master bellmaker H Hilger from a design by W E Brohn The two figures of Mary mother of Jesus and John the Evangelist were added later in 166 The figures were replaced by sandstone sculptures by Emanuel Max in 1861 The Hebrew inscription was added to the crucifix as punishment to Eliass Backoffen a Prague Jew who was accused of desecrating the cross The inscription reads Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh taken from the vision of Isaiah of the seraphim flying before the throne of the Almighty The words are central to Jewish faith and appriopriated by the Catholic liturgy to be applied to Jesus which is grossly offensive to Judaism Below the statue is a plaque from 2000 in honor of Prague Jews to explain the inscription The plaque is a result of the objections of an American Rabbi Ronald Brown of Temple Beth Merck New York
Location: Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic