Buffalo Soldiers, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1888

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Image ID: M2HYF0
Entitled: "A campfire sketch" by Frederic Remington, 1888. Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the US 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army. This nickname was given to the "Negro Cavalry" by the Native American tribes they fought in the Indian Wars. The term became synonymous with all of the African-American regiments formed in 1866: 9th Cavalry Regiment, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 24th Infantry Regiment, and 25th Infantry Regiment. From 1866-90s, these regiments served at a variety of posts in the Southwestern US and the Great Plains regions. They participated in most of the military campaigns in these areas and earned a distinguished record. Thirteen enlisted men and six officers from these four regiments earned the Medal of Honor during the Indian Wars. In addition to the military campaigns, the Buffalo Soldiers served a variety of roles along the frontier, from building roads to escorting the U.S. mail. Illustration appeared in Century Magazine, April 1889.

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