Baby Gray Whale at boatside in San Ignacio Lagoon. Scientific name: Eschrichtius robustus.

- Image ID: FTBJP7
Darius Wampler / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: FTBJP7
Scientific name: Eschrichtius robustus. Image taken with Nikon D810 and Zeiss 28mm lens at 1/640s, f/9, ISO 200. They have gray patches and white mottling on skin especially as they mature and the number of barnacles increase in size. Lifespan: 55-70 years. Around 40 feet in length and 40 tons in weight. Young weigh about 2,000 pounds or a ton at birth. Summer is spent in the Arctic in the Bering Strait and Chukchi Sea areas. Calves are born in and around January. This calf in image was approx. 6 weeks old.
Location: San Ignacio Lagoon, Pacific side of Baja Peninsula, Mexico