Arco del Triunfo Cordova

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Arco del Triunfo Cordova
Jeff Veevers / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: CT2C7E
Gate Bridge, designed by architect Juan Herrera. This door, which is the most graceful of the city, was built in 1571, with rusticated blocks, their free-standing columns, imitating the Doric order, supporting a cornice and an attic topped by a semicircular pediment, which is observed a relief with the arms of Castile held by two warriors of the time. At the top of intercolumniation, two reliefs Torrigiano and a bracket that remembers its inauguration by King Felipe II. Today it retains its slim, because the foundation is sunk below the level of the road that surrounds it. Due to the reform that took place in early twentieth century, changed his appearance by the door of a triumphal arch.
Location: Cordoba Spain