RM2DP2F40Aldi Supermarket sign, New Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
RMFBJ8K7Exterior evening view looking through windows at customers in Aldi Supermarket sign and logo Wales UK KATHY DEWITT
RMF7WC98Louth, Lincolnshire, UK. 3rd December, 2015. Aldi supermarket flagship store Grand opening in Louth, Lincolnshire UK, 3/12/2015 The UK's largest Aldi shop building.
RMBKN83YAldi store sign Buxton Derbyshire England UK
RMBD0RMDAldi supermarket sign in Shepton Mallet UK
RMHTE98MAldi discount supermarket in Kingsbury, London, UK.
RMM41WG5Aldi food store with sign in Leominster UK. Shop front.
RMDCAK8HAldi supermarket sign.
RMB5DF23Aldi discount supermarket Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
RMFW0NADAldi sign on UK store
RMFY3KTWAldi sign at the entrance to the car park of a large Aldi supermarket in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK
RMBGRYRKThe Aldi logo sign outside a store in West London, UK.