Adult male Dalmatian portrait

Adult male Dalmatian portrait Stock Photo

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5100 x 3400 px | 43.2 x 28.8 cm | 17 x 11.3 inches | 300dpi

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28 March 2009


Los Angeles, California

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animal, bliss, buddy, canine, cheerful, chum, color, colour, companion, companionship, comrade, creature, cut-out, dalmation, delight, delighted, domesticated, enjoyment, expectation, friendship, full body, full-length, fur, gaiety, glad, gleeful, gratifying, jolly, joy, lay, laying down, lighthearted, lying, lying down, mammal, merry, nature, negative space, no people, omnivore, pal, pleasing, pleasure, portraiture, predator, rejoicing, relationship, satisfaction, silhouette, studio, vertebrate, warm-blooded, white space, european, europe,

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