Adolf Hitler 8/11/1942. speech rally Fuhrer Chancellor Nazi Party Austria Germany Reichstag Mein Kampf Munich Nuremberg Orator

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Image ID: F6DTK4
Adolf Hitler 8/11/1942. The eve of the anniversary of the 1933 Nazi Putsch. Hitler addresses part members 1.”I work my fingers to the bone to save the nation.” 2”People say it is a strategic blunder that the Germans have gone to Stalingrad. Just let us wait and see whether that was a strategic blunder”.ack-ack, aerial, aerodrome, air, 3.”I tried again in 1940 to offer my hand for peace- again it was rejected”. 4.”Sometimes for months I have to play the onlooker. Don’t you think my heart is not bleeding with wrath when I think of these air attacks”? 5.”We have once again the same coalition facing us as our enemies beginning with the Chief of International Freemasonry, the half Jew, Roosevelt.” 6.”I do not even know what overtime means. My work is the Reich’s destiny. I cannot leave it; it pursues me day and night.”
Location: Germany Nuremburg