A young child exploring Jackson Hole's unusual Antler Gate.

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A young child exploring Jackson Hole's unusual Antler Gate.
Steve Ohlsen / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: C5G6JA
In the center of town in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA there are a lot of accents, statues, architecture, etc. that reminds visitors you're in the "Last of the Old West". The town flavor is nothing if not rural and rustic, western style all the way. One of the most prominent rustic fixtures in town is this arched gateway made purely of antlers and horns, no doubt gotten via the much hunting that occurs in the area. Rather artistic I think, considering the medium used. This is just one of several such antler entryways that leads into the city park. Here dusk is coming, tourists are out and about, families are walking the streets looking at all the interesting things that can be found. Some will certainly go under the antlers, follow the path into the park and continue sightseeing. When they want to go they have their choice of 4 antler gates, one on each corner of the block-sized park, each exiting onto another intersection in town, leading to other undiscovered streets.
Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA