A statue of Baron Carl Gustav Mannerheim first president of Finland, sculpted by Aimo Tukiainen and unveiled in 1960, Helsinki

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George Brice / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: BYHG82
The equestrian statue of Baron Carl Gustav Mannerheim., sculpted by Aimo Tukiainen, was unveiled in 1960. When the Museum of Modern Art, Kiasma, was built near the statue, critics in a wide public debate in the late 1990s argued that a curved aluminium wall was not a proper background for the statue. Address: Mannerheimintie (Mannerheim Street) The monument to Marshal Mannerheim is placed in Mannerheimintie Avenue, in the very center of Helsinki. Carl Gustav Mannerheim, marshal and the first president of Finland, was an outstanding political and military figure of the country. The idea of erecting a monument to Mannerheim was outspoken for the first time in 1930, but embodied only after his death. In 1951 the contest for the best project took place. The winner became Finnish sculptor Aimo Tukainen. In 1960 the monument to Mannerheim upon Tukainen's project was ceremonially opened. The monument was erected at donations of Finland's citizens. The statue of marshal is made of bronze, with the overall height of 11,5 meters (including the basement of red granite). In 1998 the futuristic building of the Kiasma Museum had been constructed close to the monument. This neighbourhood occasioned many arguments and even demands to move the monument to other place but eventually disputations calmed down. Annually in last days of August, during the Night of Arts Festival concerts of young musical groups are held behind the back of bronze Marshal Mannerheim.
Location: Mannerheimintie (Mannerheim Street), Helsinki