a small young child girl sitting alone on a shingle beach with her back to the camera casting a shaddow

- Image ID: AFT0EM
Steve Hawkins Photography / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: AFT0EM
a young child girl siiting alone on a shingle beach at cowes on the isle of wight casting a long shaddow on the stones stony coastal foreshore thinking having thoughts day dreaming olst in a world of her own singly without company of friends pals chums having got away from her parents and looking for wating to be found at the seaside holidays tourists tourism holidays makers visitors seaside coastal beaches sea coast week sails sailing yachts yachting boats boating sunny weather summertime travel foreign hats wearing shaded sunburn risky risked
Location: cowes newport ventnor sandown shanklin isle of wight solent south coast of england uk gb