A Red Panda at Birmingham Nature Centre. Birmingham host the IAAF Championships in 2018 and named their Mascot Ruby, a Red Panda after the red Pandas

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David Warren / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: JF5Y75
The red panda is slightly larger than a domestic cat with a bear-like body and thick russet fur. The belly and limbs are black, and there are white markings on the side of the head and above its small eyes. Red pandas are very skillful and acrobatic animals that predominantly stay in trees. Almost 50 percent of the red panda’s habitat is in the Eastern Himalayas. They use their long, bushy tails for balance and to cover themselves in winter, presumably for warmth. Primarily an herbivore, the name panda is said to come from the Nepali word ‘ponya,’ which means bamboo or plant eating animal.
Location: Nature Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom