A French public telephone kiosk.

- Image ID: BY1DRB
UrbanImages / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: BY1DRB
Like most public telephones in France payment is made at this kiosk by credit card or Telecarte (a pre-paid card holding a number of call units). People can also use the 'phone to add money to their Moneo card. This is an 'electronic purse' system similar to the Oyster Card used on the London transport system but can be used at any participating establishment for a purchase of up to €30. The kiosk also offers 'PCV' which is a service by which the charge for the call is paid by the person receiving it ie: a reversed charge or collect call. This telephone was photographed in the village of St Genies de Fontedit in Languedoc-Roussillon.
Location: France.