A church in the center of Przemysl, Poland

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A church in the center of Przemysl, Poland Stock Photo
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A church in the center of Przemysl, Poland
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Image ID: A3PFDT
13.07.2004, Przemysl, Podkarpackie, POL, POLAND - A church in the center of Przemysl. (Poland, Polish, Europe, European, Przemysl, old town, old market, old market square, square, Old Market Square, city, urban, city life, urban life, city centre, city center, centre, center, street, cobblestone, cobblestones, church, building, sacral building, towers, culture, cultural, spiritual, spirituality, religion, belief, religious belief, Christianity, Christian, Catholic, architecture, architectural, architectural style, architectural history, history, historical, renovated, renovation, sight, sightseeing, tourist attraction, tourism, touristic, travel, journey, people, humans, women, men, warm, summer, sit, sitting, rest, resting, relaxation, relaxing, relax, benches, sky, blue, color, colour, everyday life, society, street scene, vertical) 00A163130ACAROEX.JPG
Location: Przemysl, Podkarpackie, Poland