A Chinese hui style house, high white textured wall and black roof with tiered design

A Chinese hui style house, high white textured wall and black roof with tiered design Stock Photo

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18 December 2011


Yuyuan village, Wuyi county, Zhejiang, China

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Hui Style Architecture developed into a significant school in the Song Dynasty(960-1279). During the middle period of the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), with the prosperity of Hui commerce and the development of the social economy, many high ranking officials and merchants from Huizhou area had a lot of gardens, houses, archways, schools and ancestral temples built in their hometown. These architectures took the advantage of the local traditional art in carving, painting and wooden handicraft. The rooms and structure were properly distributed to match the nature and surroundings. The architecture was so unique that it was given the name Hui Style. Hui style soon stepped out from Huizhou area and was introduced to many big cities along the Yangtze River. Hui Style Architecture mainly reflects the mountainous features, geomantic omen, and the beautiful terrain there. They were usually built with black tiles and white walls, surrounded by high walls shaped like horse heads (for fireproofing), and harmonized with refined and elegant colors. Hui Style Architecture features its decoration with artworks made of brick, wood, and stone. The history of the carving craft on brick, wood and stone in Huizhou area can date back to Song Dynasty. The stone carvings are mostly for the decoration of the walls, pillars and memorial archways, while the brick carvings for gates, the eaves and roofs of the houses, and wood carvings for furnitures. The patterns of the carvings are figures, birds, flowers, landscape, fairy tales and so on.