3 of the four surviving team of 9 who embarked on a 3-year round the world tour in 1969 on a 1948 Leyland bus...

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Paul Doyle / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: F7B9M2
In September 1969, as part of a bet with their then local pub landlord, 9 young men embarked on a round the world trip from Liphook in Hampshire, UK on a 1948 Leyland bus which they purchased for £100 and named the Hairy Pillock. Their 3-year soujourn around the world took them through Europe, the Middle East, India, Australia, the US and Canada before returning to England in July 1972 on a trip financed mainly by busking. The 3 surviving members pictured - Adrian Bird, Richard King & Clive Hughes - are shown in the bus in Liphook on 20th November 2015 prior to the showing of a 90-minute film - Pillock Conquers the World - which documents their adventures with proceeds from the film donated to the local carnival committee.
Location: Liphook, Hampshire, UK.