17th century illustration of the circulation of water from the sea via whirlpools to caverns and then through rivers back to the sea. See description for more information.

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AF Fotografie / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: ED6TT8
The wind causes the sea to form whirlpools sucking water inland through underground channels. These fill huge caverns beneath mountains where the water escapes to form rivers and return to the sea. Engraving from third edition of "Mundus subterraneus, in Xll libros digestus" by Athanasius Kircher (1602–1680) published in Amsterdam by Joannem Janssonium a Waesberge & Filios, 1678. Kircher's scientific textbook discussing alchemy, geology, the origins of volcanoes, lakes, rivers, caves, gravity, the sun, the moon, tides, fossils, giants and more. Kircher saw first hand the eruptions of Aetna and Stromboli on Sicily and climbed into Vesuvius whilst researching for this book. Credit: Private Collection/AF Fotografie
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands