RMWX4JT5wintry road conditions in the Harz Landstrasse
RMHY3G2XWintry street, sign Street smoothness, Winterliche Straße, Schild Straßenglätte
RM2H1NT0GThemenbild - Wintereinbruch im Schwarzwald - die winterliche Feldbergpaßstraße (Bundesstraße B 317)
RMAWMRBGA traditional built house in the swiss alps - Kanton of St. Gallen, Switzerland, Europe.
RMCYBWGTIcy road at the edge of a forest covered with hoar frost
RFB1RYWHTree-lined country road with hoarfrost, Tratzberg, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
RMG099DPSnow on a car.
RFAEJX0HRoad to the Dalsnibba, Norway, Scandinavia
RMRBH2HMIcicles on a street latern
RMAWN1APWinter traffic, car driving toward reflector post, Hesse, Germany, Europe
RME3TJK7Road in winter, Schleswig Holstein, Germany