Møns Klint, the steep chalk cliffs up to 120 m above sea on the eastern Baltic Sea coast of the island Møn southeast of Sealand, Denmark, Møn or Moen.

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Niels Quist / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: KK6R0R
The chalk cliffs at Møn (Moen), is probably the most beautiful and extraordinary landscape in Denmark. 70 million years ago there was a warm sea where Denmark is today, Many species of animals and microscopic algae with shells of chalk lived there. The enormous amount of chalk was over many years deposited on the bottom of the Cretaceous Sea forming the thick layers until life gradually vanished. The rising of the continents and the last ice age created what today is known as Høje Møn (High Moen) with the high and famous chalk cliffs. The beach below the chalk cliffs can be a dangerous place, especially in the wet seasons, but is a great place to find fossils continuously emerging from the erosion of the chalk cliffs.
Location: Møns Klint, Borre, Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe