RFH3N31TA small pine growing on the rocky shore of the lake on a background of blue water.
RM2C0RJWHLonely wooden bamboo house on stilts at a small hidden beach of rocky island
RF2CFG49TRemote red wooden house located on rocky seashore with dry tree trunk on stony ground among cold puddles in evening
RF2CCAK0RSmall water puddles and lonely pine tree on a rocky shore. Scenic view. Panoramic landscape image
RFRBRG63A single gum tree from Australia sits proudly on a tiny island of rock breaching the surface of Lake Titicaca under a cloud mirroring the same shape.
RFT7G126Lonely small house on green fields with bushes and rocky landscape at Serra da Estrela. The highest mountain range in continental Portugal.
RMJGGG0YSmall pine tree growing on a rock above the wild Yellowstone River in Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park
RFPPDBNFLonely tree on a small rocky island in Onezhskaya Guba, Karelia, Russia.
RF2AH2WPFA person standing besides a tree on the top of a small hill. Self portrait of a person in a landscape in black and white
RFCPY15MRed cottage on a small rocky island in Stockholm archipelago
RF2AMKKYRSandstone rocky peak in the sunrise, a small bonsai pine tree on top.
RFENEHEASmall windswept conifer on a unique rock at warm evening light