RMEBNH9Crose (Rosa spec.), symbol picture water as life elixir, planet earth being reflected in dewdrops of a rose with thorn
RMWX41C6Earth, symbolically in drop form
RMDKT06WWorld plastic globe floating on sea water
RMKR5DT5Earth globe in the water, symbolic photo climate change, Erdglobus im Wasser, Symbolfoto Klimawandel
RMWX41BKEarth, symbolically in drop form
RF2ATH82GFemale yoga figure in a transparent sphere, composed of four natural elements (water, fire, earth, air) in black and white on a background made of col
RFTRH2DYConcept of the plastic pollution problem in the world. The planet earth is floating around in a soup of white plastic bags on against blue background
RMEBWWEPpeople watching burning globe at a winter event, Canada, Ontario, Toronto
RMBTKD55A glass globe floating in the water
RFA76JRKMelting earth in water, (digital composite)
RFM8XRFXOne hand holds the globe in balance
RMAWNY3KGlobe in water