State Saw Mills steam engine SSM No. 2 slowly rusting away in a rail museum in Pemberton, Western Australia.

- Image ID: MB64NG
Sheldon Levis / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: MB64NG
SSM No.2 is one of only two State Saw Mills (SSM) locomotives existing today. In Western Australia, South West Timber Hewer’s Co- Operative Society of Collie and Holyoake ordered a “G” class type 4-6-0 engine from locomotive manufacturers Beyer Peacock of Manchester U.K. Assembled at the Midland Junction Workshops and named “The Hewer”, she was trialled at Midland on the 20th July 1911 and then sent to work at the Lucknow Mill near Collie. In 1942, while in for repairs at Midland Junction Workshops, “The Hewer” was numbered SSM No.2, thereby losing her given name. No.2 worked until January 1967 when she was withdrawn from service in Manjimup. In February 2004 she was moved to Pemberton, where she patiently awaits restoration.
Location: Pemberton Western Australia, Australia