Spectacular nativity scene in the historic Church of St Nicholas in Tolentino ,"le Marche", Italy

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NORMA JOSEPH / Alamy Stock Photo
The Historic Church (basilica) of Saint Nicolas (San Nicola) is a much visited site in the pretty city of Tolentino in Le Marche in middle Italy. It is dedicated to the 14th century Augustinian Saint Nicholas who spent 30 years of his life there until his death in 1305.the church is in itself an artistic treasure and also contains spectacular early 14th century frescoes ancd murals which retain their original vivid colours .Arguably the most important expressions of early Marchigian painting Apart from muraled cloisters, and chapels the church boasts a spectacular carved 3D wooden ceiling . a museum and an elaborate vast animated "Presepio" or Nativity scene which is open to visitore all year round.
Location: Church of St Nicholas in Tolentino ,"le Marche", Italy