Smokin' Joe Frazier and Joe Bugner in a boxing match

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Image ID: E0RXJ7
Smokin' Joe' Frazier (born January 12, 1944 in Beaufort, South Carolina) 1968 world heavyweight boxing champion, was the first American boxer to win both the Olympic gold medal and the professional world title in the heavyweight division. Frazier is considered one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, but he is perhaps most famous for his trilogy of fights Ali, the first of which, won by Frazier in a unanimous decision, has often been called one of boxing's greatest bouts. Frazier was known for a relentless pursuit of opponents, quickly cutting off angles of escape using a chugging locomotion reminiscent of a train's advance up a hill. The contrast with Ali's dancing, non-linear style could not have been greater. Winner of Olympic 1964 Tokyo Gold medal for Boxing - Heavyweight. He had a band called 'Joe Frazier & the Knockouts' that released songs in the 'soul' genre. In the 1990s, he trained award winning artist Richard T. Slone to box. Operated a boxing gym in North Philadelphia since the late 1960s, used by fighters such as Michael Spinks, Meldrick Taylor, his son Marvis Frazier, and Bernard Hopkins. Father of 11 children...PICTURED: Jul 2,1973 - London, England, United Kingdom - JOE FRAZIER (Left) and Australian boxer JOE BUGNER. In 1973 Bugner lost twelve round decisions to Ali and Joe Frazier. Although the scorecards in these fights were lopsided, Bugner fought well in both bouts and he won the respect of the boxing media and public alike. After their bout, Ali declared that Bugner was capable of being world champion. The fight with Smokin Joe in July 1973 at Earls Court in London was deemed a classic. After being knocked down by a tremendous left hook in the tenth round, Bugner arose and hurt Frazier to close the round. Many regard the Frazier bout as being Bugner's best career performance. (Credit Image: © KEYSTONE Pictures USA)
Location: London, United Kingdom