"Ship" (detail), metal sculpture by Anna Gillespie, 2019. Half Moon Bay, Heysham, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Europe.

- Image ID: T40YN6
Stan Pritchard / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: T40YN6
"Ship" by Anna Gillespie, was installed at Half-moon Bay, Heysham, in March 2019. The sculpture was commissioned by Marecambe Bay Partnership, supported by the Heritage Fund. The work was fabricated by Castle Fine Arts Foundry. Anna Gillespie’s new, permanent sculpture for Morecambe Bay becomes simultaneously a welcoming beacon and a symbol of fond farewell at a traditional point of departure and arrival. Purposely crafted to be of no clear historic reference, yet making overt reference to the Viking longboats of former Bay dwellers, the evidently seafaring structure marks the boundary of land and sea. The two, accompanying ‘boatmen’ figures look forward and back, a reference to both the nature of any journey and the inevitable changes in Morecambe Bay’s landscape, population and industrial heritage, where fishing and shipping sit side-by-side with the contemporary influence of nuclear power. The sculpture will offer viewers the chance to stop and reflect, continuing the Bay’s ancient traditions as a place of retreat, spiritual reflection and pilgrimage.
Location: Half Moon Bay, Heysham, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Europe.

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